Our guts are host to a complex and diverse microbial ecosystem that plays a pivotal role in our health and well-being. Each of us have a unique gut microbiota, yet the factors that underpin this inter-individual variation and how microbial variation impacts on ecosystem functionality and ultimately host health remains poorly understood.

My research focuses on profiling and characterising how interspecies interactions affect the diversity and functionality of the gut microbiome. I work on bacteria, bacteriophages, protists (Blastocystis spp.) and fungi. My current Royal Society-SFI University Research Fellowship project specifically addresses bacteria-bacteriophage coevolution in the human gut. To read more follow the link to my Royal Society page.


Collaborators include

Prof. Angus Buckling, Exeter, UK.

Dr Paul Cotter, Teagasc, Cork, Ireland.

Prof. Alex Hall, ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Dr Ville Friman, York, UK.

Dr Rune Stensvold, Copenhagen, Denmark who hosts an excellent blog on Blastocystis .



Chloe Huseyin. APC/SFI funded PhD candidate


Professional Memberships

SGM – Society of General Microbiology, ESEB – European Society for Evolutionary Biology and SfAM – Society for Applied Microbiology





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