Research Interests

  • Ecology and evolution of the gut microbiome
  • Prevalence, diversity and function of gut microbial eukarya (Fungi and Protists e.g. Blastocystis)
  • Bacteriophages
  • Host-parasite coevolution
  • Chronic Disease

My research interests centre on the ecology and evolution of the human gut microbiome. I am interested in understanding how inter-specific interactions between microbes at different scales and in response to different abiotic factors affect the diversity, structure and function of the gut microbiome, and ultimately host health. To address these research questions I am developing in vitro and in vivo model systems to study the ecology and evolution of the gut microbiome and complementing this approach by studying naturally occurring communities of gut microbes. My current Royal Society-SFI University Research Fellowship project specifically addresses bacteria-bacteriophage coevolution in the human gut. To read more on this topic follow the links to my Royal Society page and my recent opinion piece.

I am also interested in better understanding the global prevalence, diversity, and role of specific microbes such as Blastocystis and fungi in gut ecology and human health and disease.

Collaborators include

Prof. Angus Buckling, Exeter, UK.

Dr Paul Cotter, Teagasc, Cork, Ireland.

Prof. Alex Hall, ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Dr Ville Friman, York, UK.

Dr Rune Stensvold, Copenhagen, Denmark who hosts an excellent blog on Blastocystis .

Current Students

Chloe Huseyin. APC/SFI funded PhD candidate

Professional Memberships

SGM – Society of General Microbiology, ESEB – European Society for Evolutionary Biology and SfAM – Society for Applied Microbiology




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